Upcoming Events 

02/13/2023                    Officer’s Meeting                                              7pm         Post

02/22/2023                   General Membership Meeting                      7pm          Post

03/20/2023                   Officer’s Meeting                                              7pm          Post

03/29/2023                   General Membership Meeting                      7pm          Post

04/17/2023                    Officer’s Meeting                                              7pm          Post

04/26/2023                   General Membership Meeting                      7pm          Post

05/19/2023                   Memorial Day Fund Raiser                           9am-2pm Various locations

05/20/2023                  Memorial Day Fund Raiser                            9am-2pm Various locations

05/22/2023                    Officer’s Meeting                                              7pm           Post

05/31/2023                    General Membership Meeting                       7pm          Post

Monday and Friday coffee meetings have resumed. 

A reminder that, other than our Post coffee get-togethers on Monday and Friday mornings, many of our members meet for breakfast at The Orland Oasis, Located on the corner of 143rd and Union St, across from the Irish Patriot and the Orland funeral Home at 0900 hours each Wednesday. Please join us if you have time.

2022-2023 Fiscal year Post Everlasting

Ralph Smith, U.S. Army, DOD: 08/22/2022

Howard Boone, U.S. Army, DOD: 08/03/2022

Arthur Barabasz, U.S. Army, DOD: 08/19/2022

Anthony Cimo, U.S. Army, DOD:10/05/2022

Thomas Raclaw, U.S. Army, DOD: 10/18/2022