Volume XIX Issue XII                                                   THE POST                                                       Mar 30th, 2021

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

We presently have permission from five of our partnering stores in support of our Poppy Day and Veteran’s Day fund raisers. There are three stores that I am waiting for approval or call back. With approval from five stores and hopefully three more we should have a total of eight locations. Let’s hope we will have the man power to cover all locations.

I will have a signup sheet ready for those who will be out manning the stores sometime in April.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Gene Sinclair recently moved to Lynchburg, VA to be with his son. Gene and his son Kirk attend a Friday “dedication for the troops” at the Lynchburg Monument Terrace.

Senior Vice Commander’s Call


I think my membership posts are becoming like a broken record. State has our goal at 155. Officially they list us with 149 members on our duty roster. This puts us at 96% of the state achievement mark. Of the 8 posts in our district that have membership rosters with more than 100 Veterans we are #1 in reaching our requirement. That is a great compliment to the patriotism and pride you have for your military service and post. Thank you for your dedication to duty.

I believe it is important that you know how hard Commander Chambers, myself, Jr Vice Reger and several others worked including our newsletter editor Tom Bakota to keep the post going during these challenging pandemic times. We tried to keep things as normal as possible while giving you as much information as we could.

The 2022 legion year starts on August 1st. Although that is a few months away your next year’s dues will be commencing then. The state has issued a directive stating that due to the "increased expenses and depleted revenue" during the Covid 19 pandemic, dues will be increased 5 dollars. However, we have decided for the 2022 year NOT TO increase our dues to $45 but rather have them remain at $40. Although it is a small gesture, it is one we thought was important to do for the men and women under our command.

In conclusion, sadly we have lost many good men during these past 2 years. As I said before "the sands of time stop for no one". These members "served their country for a purpose, they died with honor". We should be as fortunate when our time comes. 

Take care,

Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander