Volume XXI  Issue IX                               THE POST                      September 29th, 2021

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

The Post picnic was held on Saturday, September 11th, from 11 to 4 pm. We had a turnout of 50 Legionnaires families, friends, and children. The Illinois Live Steamers had 12 members with at least four trains running. There was also one engine w/coal car(electric) that the young children could actually drive on inner track (under very close supervision). All of the adults had more fun than the children. Must be reliving their childhood.

I want to thank all those who showed up early to help setup covering the tables, getting the coolers stocked, and getting the kitchen setup and ready serve too. I want to give Sue Morrell and Therese Testolin a special thanks they helped in the setup and bagging of the food and cleaning the kitchen. Definitely cleaner than when we arrived.

The Veterans Day Jelly Belly Drive, will be coming up Friday November 5th and Saturday November 6th. Please mark your calendar for these dates. I will have a sign-up sheet ready by the next general meeting. I will also have the sheet at the coffee get together on Mondays and Fridays.

This year’s Christmas party will be held at the Orland Chateau. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday December 8th. See the attached notice for details. 


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call


State has our goal set at 149 members to be at 100%. We have approximately 141 members on the duty roster. That not only means we have to recruit some new members but get everyone who has not paid as of yet to get their dues in. Not an easy task but we will have to find a way to accomplish it. I would like to welcome new member Christine Paladin to the post. Good to have you using a "Navy term" on board.

As I mentioned in prior issues there is not a post in our area that can make a claim that they do more for their members then we do. From post activities such as our recent picnic to the upcoming Christmas party. To fundraising and supporting numerous Veteran charities. Plus having an active honor and memorial squad that performs civic functions and military funerals we do what we can.

I am very humbled that over 80% of you have answered the call of duty and gotten your dues in. Out of the 21 or so posts in our district that puts us near the top. However, we still have 25 who have not paid. Hopefully after this newsletter contribution goes to print that will be even lower. Some of these names on the unpaid list are familiar to me. I do not like calling people out. Letters and numerous e-mails have been sent. If there is a legitimate reason you have not paid it is very easy to get in touch with me. Otherwise I am not a "debt collector" and haranguing people is not my style so get your dues in. On many levels of the legion money/membership is an important topic. Veterans advocacy/leadership has always been my primary concern.

However, that being said one of my main responsibilities that comes with my title is insuring that our members live up to their financial responsibilities to the post by the paying of dues. At our recent post picnic at the Illinois Steamers train grounds one of their members tried to recruit me with the mention their dues are only $27 per month which is over $300 per year. Our dues are minimal compared to other organizations and I have already mentioned the many benefits you receive.

Finally speaking of our recent post picnic, a strong shout out must go to Jr Vice Bob Reger for putting together this great activity. The food was delicious. The train rides were fun and our first time attendees and new members commented how much they really enjoyed themselves. Special thanks must also go out to my wife Sue, Executive officer Tom Testolin and his lovely wife Therese for working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone got fed, enjoyed themselves and our wives even pulled a shift of K.P. afterward to leave the area in tip top shape. 

Take care and as always God bless,

Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander