Volume XXIII  Issue III                             THE POST                     Feb 23, 2023

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

Over the past weeks with the assistance of our Senior Vice Dean Morrell, we have been out at the stores to get permission to be out in front for Memorial Day and Veterans Day fund raising drives. We did get all the stores to sign off. We are set for this year. The dates for the drives are: Memorial Day May 19th and 20th. Veterans Day Drive will be on November 3rd and 4th.

We also gave Certificates of Appreciation for their assistance in our fundraising drives to those business that gave assistance or a substantial donation.

Photos of the presentation at the various locations have been included in this newsletter.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call


You know back in the days (mid to late 60's) us neighborhood guys would walk thru the neighborhood with a transistor radio listening to our favorite tunes. More often than not, we would gather on the corner of 40th and Rockwell (Brighton Park) by Ona and Baly's Rockwell Club to do this. Although I liked most of the music from the period, I gravitated toward the Motown sound. I liked all the groups and artists on the label The Four Tops were my favorite. One of their biggest hits among many were "It's the Same Old Song". Which is an appropriate segue into our monthly membership report. Our state goal was 154. We exceeded that a long time ago. We sit at 160 which is 104% of our target. A great job and thanks to all. However, as I mentioned at last month's general meeting that "today's heroes sometimes turn into tomorrow's failures". Therefore, we need to keep on going forward and adding men and women of honor to the duty roster when we can.

Since we are on this nostalgia kick a little over 50 years ago, I came home from my tour of duty. I am sure most of us looked forward to this time. While a lot within our ranks joined or enlisted due to a sense of patriotism. commitment to duty or love of country yours truly was drafted. The near last of what would be the "American Citizen Soldier". I like to say some of the above attributes were mine, but it would not be an understatement to say I went into the service "bitching, moaning. groaning. swearing, crying, and complaining". That said I did my duty and everything that was asked of me and even more so in some circumstances. As the time neared for me to come home, I looked forward to the days I would not have to fall out for early morning formation in "starched fatigues and spit shined Corcoran's". That I could return playing basketball at McKinley and Kelly Park plus when late spring and summer came back to playing 16-inch softball at the many venues and parks thorough out the South and Southwest side of Chicago.

It was a cold winter January night (2200 hrs) when my plane landed at O'Hare. It felt like it took forever to get home. My mother and father were at the airport to greet me. They asked me if there were anything I wanted to do. Without missing a beat, I said I wanted to go to the White Castle on the corner of Archer and Kedzie and grab a few burgers. So, there I was at 2330 hrs. in my class A uniform on a cold blustery January night munching on some sliders. You know when I look back in some ways it just does not get better than that. As the ranks of those of us who have served and worn the uniform get lesser and smaller in this country all I can say is "God bless us all for the sacrifices we made to answer the call of duty".

Take care and as always God bless,

Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander